Friday, March 18, 2011

Glo’s Int’l MMS Now In 37 Countries

Mohammed Jameel, Globacom GCOO

Globacom has said its subscribers can now enjoy the network’s innovative International Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) in more countries. This is coming on the heels of the increase in the number of countries where international MMS can be sent from 24 to 37. The number of networks has also increased from 48 networks to 67. 
Currently, the service is available in the United Kingdom, United States, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Spain, China, Pakistan, Oman, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary and Liechtenstein.  Others are Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Qatar, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.  
The telecom giants said the new destinations now covered by the service are Ireland, Poland, Algeria, Egypt, Bahrain, Cambodia and Costa Rica. Others are Jamaica, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Moldova and Turkmenistan. Glo is the only network that offers international MMS in Nigeria. It launched the service in July 2009.
MMS enables subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with their loved ones overseas. With it, subscribers can send extra long texts, pictures, videos, voice recordings, music or a combination of media in a single message to loved ones in a really personal way and be part of the changes or important events in one another’s lives.
Chief Operating Officer of Glo Gateway, Pankaj Pradhan, said in a statement in Lagos that the extension of the service to more destinations was done to allow millions of prepaid and postpaid subscribers on the network to enjoy the service.  
“Glo subscribers can now send International MMS to their loved ones in any of these destinations at the flat rate of N30 per message. This is in line with our commitment to continue to empower our subscribers and make our services available to them,” Pradhan said.
 “We are delighted that we are able to foster relationships through our MMS offer. We are bringing our subscribers closer to their loved ones within and outside the country as they are able to use the service to share special and memorable occasions such as marriages, birthdays, arrival of new babies and graduations,” Pradhan stated

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