Friday, July 29, 2011

MAMO, Airtel’s Solution to Consumers’ Dilemma of Choice

Deepak Srivastava (COO), George Andah (CMO), Tanmoiy Saha (Head, Usage & Retention), Mr. Wole Abu (Director of Regional Operations, Lagos region), Mrs. Wangi Mba-Uzuokwu (Head, Brand Communications)

Have you ever been confused by the myriad of telecom offers competing for your attention? Ever been perplexed by what service offer to subscribe to for your phone? Does remembering the numerous telecom packages available challenge you and you wonder which is best for you?
One year after it entered the market and in the 10th year of GSM service in Nigeria, the first network to offer GSM calls in Nigeria has come up with an ingenious product that helps consumers out of the dilemma of choice. From there being hardly a phone service 10 years ago, telecom subscribers in Nigeria are not only spoilt for choice but also hitherto had a challenging time following the various packages and offers.
Airtel Networks rose to the rescue of subscribers Tuesday, June 21 with the launch of My Airtel, My Offer, an innovative service that enables customers customize the service that they receive from Airtel. A bespoke service, My Airtel, My Offer, otherwise known as MAMO, is customized for the unique needs of every subscriber taking into account that every individual has different communication needs.
Airtel introduced MAMO to a large gathering of representatives from the media and the consumer trade at the Banquet Hall of Lagos Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Mr. Deepak Srivastava, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Airtel Nigeria, said “My Airtel, My Offer is a segmented offer that is uniquely designed based on a clear understanding of our customers’ usage, changing behaviour and preferences. It is designed to give customers access to the latest value enhancing offers that suit their specific needs.”
Strivastava said the introduction of MAMO “is yet another proof of Airtel’s unwavering commitment to introducing to the market innovative, relevant, and customer-centric solutions.” MAMO complements the existing offers of the network and aids customers.
The operation of MAMO is very simple, according to Mr. George Andah, Marketing Director of Airtel. Customers access MAMO by simply dialing 141. The service is free, so new as well as existing customers only need to dial 141 and listen to the voice prompt that leads the customer to make his choice. There are neither short codes nor any technical terms.
What does MAMO offer? Andah said, “My Airtel, My Offer is a service that gives you the freedom to choose. It caters for SMS offers, special rates, Internet bundles, bonus on recharges as well as weekend offers.”
Airtel Nigeria officials said the idea behind MAMO is the recognition that “different customers have different needs”. MAMO seeks to help every customer seek the best offering for his specific needs at any given period within the array of offerings on the Airtel Network. It offers instant fulfillment with each dial of 141 to make or change the offering.
As the Airtel Marketing Director put it, “MAMO gives the most exciting, most relevant and exclusive value offers for each customer based on your unique needs across voice, data, and SMS”. He said the offers to customers would keep changing periodically to make MAMO even more exciting.
A key benefit is that MAMO would help make choice easier. The customer experience with the bouquet of services from telecoms operators is similar to that with the average laptop or even the television console in most homes. Most customers only use a very small fraction of what is on offer even while paying for the full service. With MAMO, Airtel hopes to help the customer optimize his expenditure as well as his experiencing of the brand.
In the last one year, Airtel Networks has been pushing the envelope of customer service, innovation, and value offering in the telecoms market. MAMO adds an icing to the huge innovation cake as it makes it easier to understand and take advantage of the various offers. 
Game changing offers on the Airtel Network include 2Good, with award winning artiste Tuface Idibia as poster boy. 2Good changed the dynamics of pricing in favour of the subscriber and caused a massive reordering in the market. Airtel also removed the fixed denomination bar on airtime recharge cards with its Wazobia recharge. Thus instead of waiting until he has exactly N200, N500  or N1000, a subscriber with N120 or N350, for instance, only needs to walk up to a retailer and get an electronic recharge.
Recognizing that communication by telephone is a family affair, Airtel also introduced its Big Family package as well as the 2SIM pack that enables sharing at reduced call rates. 

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