Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Intel Teach Programme

Paul Otellini, Intel CEO

The Intel Teach Programme sponsored by Intel Corp, global leaders in micro-processor manufacturing is one programme that should deserve the commendation of every right thinking Nigerian especially those who believe in using information technology tools to confront the challenges of the 21st Century.
At the last count, Intel through the programme, has trained no fewer than 24, 000 out of the over 700, 000 teachers spread across Nigeria.
This according to Intel underlines the company's definition of education as its social responsibility project and the conviction that teachers are supposed to have access to computers and understand how to use PCs.
Intel believes that teachers understanding of the use of the computer would facilitate efforts at making the Nigerian student more globally competitive as well as save him the disgrace of being left behind in the use of Internet or PCs by other students in Western Europe, America or other parts of the world.
The Intel Teach uses a ‘Train the trainer’ model to provide both face-to-face and online instruction to help teachers around the world integrate technology into their classrooms.
Teachers create lesson plans that can be immediately implemented and that meet local and national education goals and standards.
By working with governments - national, regional or local, Intel introduces the program in interested countries and communities, which are selected based on strength of their commitment to the program.
Intel then works with an initial group of teachers to help them become Intel Teach trainers themselves. These trainers in turn are responsible for sharing their new skills with other teachers in their region.
Whether a country has excellent Internet connectivity or very limited connectivity, the enhanced Intel Teach Program portfolio has offerings designed to enable teachers to introduce, expand, and support 21st century learning with project-based approaches in the classroom.
Nigeria best suits this description as Internet and PC penetration in the country has not been too impressive.
Intel would however, use this programme to improve on the penetration level of these IT tools while ensuring that programme curriculum maintains relevancy and reflects lessons learned from feedback and research.
OnlineRommy salutes the courage of Intel and implores authorities of the country's educational sector as well as governments at all levels to join hands with Intel in actualizing this laudable programme.
Government should appreciate this gesture by providing the enabling environment needed for the programme to succeed.
Intel has pledged its commitment to the successful completion of the programme, it has to be supported.
The long term benefits of this programme cannot be overemphasized.

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